Congratulations to these candidates who said NO to Northern Pass and won seats in the November 6 election.

* = Incumbent

Michael J. CryansExecutive Council1
Andru Volinsky* Executive Council2
Ted GatsasExecutive Council4
William Gannon*Senate23
David Starr Senate1
Bob Giuda*Senate2
Ruth Ward*Senate8
Jay Kahn*Senate10
John Reagan*Senate17
Martha Fuller Clark*Senate21
Jeb Bradley*Senate3
David Huot*HouseBelknap 3
Peter Spanos*HouseBelknap 3
Franklin Tilton*HouseBelknap 3
George FeeneyHouseBelknap 5
John Plumer*HouseBelknap 6
Michael Sylvia*HouseBelknap 6
Raymond Howard*HouseBelknap 8
Harrison KanzlerHouseCarroll 2
Glenn Cordelli*HouseCarroll 4
John Bordenet*HouseCheshire 5
Donovan Fenton* HouseCheshire 8
Michael FurbushHouseCoos 1
William Hatch*HouseCoos 6
Susan FordHouseGrafton 3
Suzanne Smith*HouseGrafton 8
Sallie FellowsHouseGrafton 8
Joyce Weston HouseGrafton 8
Richard Abel*HouseGrafton 13
Elaine FrenchHouseGrafton 14
Francesca DiggsHouseGrafton 16
Linda Camarota HouseHillsborough 7
Donald Bouchard HouseHillsborough 11
Mary FreitasHouseHillsborough 14
Heidi Hamer HouseHillsborough 17
Patricia Cornell HouseHillsborough 18
Skip Cleaver HouseHillsborough 35
David Dohearty HouseMerrimack 20
James Allard HouseMerrimack 21
Art Ellison HouseMerrimack 27
Mary Eisner HouseRockingham 6
Max Abramron HouseRockingham 20
Casey Conley HouseStrafford 13
Sherry Frost HouseStrafford 16
Gerri Cannon HouseStrafford 18
Amanda Courgue HouseStrafford 25


  • Questionnaire sent to candidates by Protect the Granite State.
  • Live Free or Die Alliance: Positions are derived “from the annual Citizens Count issue surveys or candidate websites, social media posts, media interviews, voting records, and other sources.”
  • Other media reports and communications from candidates.