Is Hydro-Québec Having ‘Second Thoughts’ on Northern Pass?

AUTHOR: Garry Rayno

The changing economic environment for electric utilities may have helped fuel what Northern Pass developers say are erroneous reports in Le Journal de Quebec that Hydro-Québec may be rethinking its commitment to the transmission project.

On Thursday, Hydro-Québec and its New Hampshire partner, Eversource, said both companies remain committed to the $1.6 billion project to transport 1,090 megawatts of Hydro-Québec electricity to New England over 192 miles of power lines stretching from the Canadian border at Pittsburg to Deerfield.

“Eversource and Hydro-Québec have had a long-standing partnership to develop a transmission project that would deliver much-needed clean hydropower from Québec to New England energy consumers,” read a statement released by Northern Pass. “Northern Pass Transmission, an Eversource subsidiary, will finance and build Northern Pass, the US portion of the transmission project. Hydro-Québec will do the same for the Canadian portion of the project.”

In two Le Journal de Quebec articles, Hydro-Québec appears to be saying it is reassessing its involvement in the project and its financial arrangement with Eversource.

Also local Canadian officials question why the company would pay to bury lines in sections of the New Hampshire route but not in Canada.

Eversource has agreed to bury about 60 miles of the line, mostly through the White Mountain National Forest, but Hydro-Québec has refused to bury sections of the line in Canada.

In the Le Journal article, a Hydro-Québec official claims New England consumers will ultimately pay for the added cost.

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No Project in the United States without Profitability, Insists Hydro-Québec

SOURCE: Le Devoir
AUTHOR: Karl Rettino-Parazelli

AUTO-TRANSLATED VERSION: Hydro-Québec says it will not pay “a penny” for the burial of the US portion of the Northern Passline power line and that the bill will be returned to US consumers. If it turns out that the project is not profitable, it will be abandoned, she insists.

The Crown corporation strongly reacted Wednesday to an article in the Journal de Montréal stating that it would pay $500 million to bury the high voltage line in US territory, while it refuses to do so for part of the line Québec-New Hampshire, the Quebec portion of the project.

“We will not pay a penny for the Northern Pass project on the US side. These are American consumers who will pay the cost of transport on their territory through their electricity rates,” said Hydro-Quebec in a statement.

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Nature Québec Requests the Burial of the Interconnection Line

SOURCE: La Tribune
AUTHOR: Claude Plante

AUTO-TRANSLATED VERSION: This is how Christian Simard, General Manager of Nature Québec, says about the burial of its power line to New Hampshire on the American side without being on the Quebec side, information widely dealt with by La Tribune in recent years.

It should be remembered that the interconnection electric transmission line must be buried in New Hampshire while the Quebec portion will remain aerial, especially on the territory of the East.

The commissioning of this $125 million project, also known as Northern Pass, is planned for 2019.

The Crown corporation wants to make it clear that it will not pay “a penny for the transmission line of the project Northern Pass on the American side”, contrary to the information conveyed since Wednesday morning.

“It is the American consumers who will pay the transportation costs on their territory through their electricity rates. The project is designed to be profitable for Hydro-Québec and therefore for all Quebecers,” said Lynn St-Laurent, Strategic Advisor.

Nature Québec denounces Hydro-Québec’s claim that the landfill solution in the Hereford Mt. area is “technically less reliable and far too costly, but without a thorough study of this scenario. For Nature Quebec, this argument is “fallacious, because the same line will be buried, a few kilometers further south in New Hampshire”.

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Hydro Is Considering Abandoning the Northern Pass Project

SOURCE: The Journal of Québec
AUTHOR: Jean Nicolas Blanchet

AUTO-TRANSLATED VERSION: Not only does Hydro-Québec finally admit that it could indirectly pay for the cost of building a $ 2.1 billion line in New Hampshire, but it is challenging its participation in the project after “redrawing its plan” on Wednesday.

Our investigation office revealed Wednesday that the US developer Eversource intended to pass the bill to the Crown corporation for the construction of the Northern Pass high-voltage line.

It would be buried on nearly 100 km to protect the landscapes of New Hampshire, which would increase the bill by $ 500 million.

Eversource will first finance the construction, but intended to be reimbursed by Hydro for 20 to 40 years, through “transportation costs” for borrowing the line on the other side of the border.

Hydro’s director of media relations, Serge Abergel, told us last week that Eversource would “take these transport costs to make [his] investment profitable”.

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Northern Pass Project – Hydro-Québec Will Not Pay a Penny for the American Line

AUTHOR: Hydro-Québec

AUTO-TRANSLATED VERSION: Hydro-Québec reacted vigorously to the article in the Journal de Montréal entitled “Hydro will pay the line to the United States”. The content of this article is completely false. We will not pay a penny for the Northern Pass project on the US side. It is the American consumers who will pay the transport costs on their territory through their electricity tariffs. The project is designed to be profitable for Hydro-Québec and therefore for all Quebeckers.

The Massachusetts wants a clean energy supply whose price is stable. It passed a law in that sense, commonly known as the Baker Act. This legislation will lead to the launch of a call for proposals in the coming weeks to obtain a significant amount of hydroelectricity. As part of this call for proposals, it is established that the electricity companies will pay transportation costs to the selected companies. Thus, it is the American customers who, through their tariffs of electricity, will assume the costs of this line.

The Northern Pass project consists of the construction of a line of 80 km on the Quebec side and 300 km on the American side, at a cost of $ 600 million on the Quebec side and $1.6 billion on the American side, Under the responsibility of Eversource.

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