NH Commission Stops Eversource Scheme to Gamble Public Money

SOURCE: Conservation Law Foundation
AUTHOR: Josh Block

Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) released the following statement today in response to a decision from the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (PUC) dismissing Eversource’s proposal to purchase and re-sell electricity from the proposed Northern Pass transmission line. The PUC found that this proposal violates state law governing the role and scope of utility companies.

“For the second time in six months, the PUC has shot down an Eversource scheme that would put New Hampshire businesses and families at risk,” said CLF New Hampshire Director Tom Irwin. “From financing gas pipelines to tipping the scales for Northern Pass, Eversource keeps trying – and failing – to gamble its customers’ hard-earned money on unnecessary and unwanted infrastructure. As the illusion of Northern Pass’s public value continues to be shattered, it’s only a matter of time before the whole thing comes tumbling down.”

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PUC Short Circuits Eversource Deal to Buy Power Tied to Northern Pass

SOURCE: New Hampshire Union Leader
AUTHOR: Paul Feely

The state’s Public Utilities Commission on Monday ruled against a petition filed last June by Eversource seeking approval of a proposed 20-year Power Purchase Agreement with Hydro Renewable Energy, after determining the proposal is “inconsistent with New Hampshire law.”

Eversource announced in June 2016 it had reached an agreement with HydroQuebec (HQ) guaranteeing at least 100 megawatts from the proposed Northern Pass project would be available to New Hampshire consumers at lower-than-market prices.

Eversource cited the possibility of a power purchase agreement (PPA) with HQ as one of the benefits of the controversial transmission project, that would run 192 miles from the Canadian border to Deerfield.

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Stop Northern Pass

SOURCE: Concord Monitor
AUTHOR: Carl Lakes

Northern Pass equals destruction.

Many people along the overhead route – which will be expanded and widened – will be subject to high, ugly towers and see land values decline. Sixteen months after the incomplete application was illegally accepted by the SEC, the details of the underground route have yet to be clearly defined.

It is obvious that much of the underground route is too narrow and residents and businesses will have a transmission line virtually in their front yards, hindering development over, under and across this death trap.

The state Legislature made Interstate 93 an energy corridor, so use it and leave the people of New Hampshire to enjoy the land we own.

New Hampshire doesn’t need this project. It’s obvious that monied interests are at work.

We are tired of the propaganda and fake news that Northern Pass claims as fact. Northen Pass calls this clean energy. Canada has destroyed its environment to produce this hydro power.

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The Opposition Against the Northern Pass Project Is Being Organized

SOURCE: Radio-Canada
AUTHOR: Christine Bureau

AUTO-TRANSLATED VERSION: “It’s a movement that is beginning, expanding and growing,” says Nature Québec CEO Christian Simard, who promises an official launch of the movement later in Montreal.

For the time being, the movement includes Nature Québec, the Conseil régional de l’environnement de l’Estrie (CREE), the Appalachian Corridor and the Protected Natural Areas Network. “It’s the nucleus, but there are other bodies that will be added,” he promised.

According to him, the information session held in Coaticook brought together some sixty citizens. The majority of them signed a declaration of support for their movement.

Some citizens expressed concern that agreements had been signed with landowners while Hydro-Québec had to study a deep layout of line.

Others wanted to know if the movement was well prepared to face Hydro-Québec, a major opponent.

“We are determined,” insisted Mr. Simard.

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Northern Pass Foes Plan to Circle the NH Statehouse on April 23

AUTHOR: Nancy West

Northern Pass opponents plan to circle the Statehouse holding hands on Sunday, April 23 to rally against the proposed 192-mile hydro-electric transmission line from Pittsburg to Deerfield.

Opponents say they hope to capitalize on recent reports in which Hydro-Quebec said it won’t pay for the portion of the line in New Hampshire. Northern Pass has since tried to make it clear on its website that New Hampshire ratepayers won’t foot the bill for the $1.6 billion project.

The Northern Pass website said the cost will be “recovered through use of the transmission line for delivery of energy to New England.”

Gov. Chris Sununu’s spokesman David Abrams didn’t respond to an emailed question on Saturday asking if the governor will attend or meet with those who turn out on April 23. Sununu has spoken out in favor of Northern Pass on numerous occasions.

John Harrigan of Colebrook, an outspoken opponent of Northern Pass, said he got the idea for the rally last week after reading published reports indicating Eversource and Hydro-Quebec were at odds over paying for the transmission line.

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