NH Supreme Court Denies Northern Pass Appeal

SOURCE: New Hampshire Union Leader
AUTHOR: Michael Cousineau

The state’s highest court pulled the plug on Northern Pass.

Supreme Court justices ruled unanimously to deny a request by project officials to order a state committee to reopen deliberations on the proposed $1.6 billion transmission power line, according to their ruling released Friday.

“The court has made it clear – it is time to move on,” Gov. Chris Sununu said. “There are still many clean energy projects that lower electric rates to explore and develop for New Hampshire and the rest of New England.”

The state Site Evaluation Committee unanimously rejected the Northern Pass project in February 2018 and later turned aside a request to reconsider its decision and resume deliberations.

“We have reviewed the record and conclude that the subcommittee’s findings are supported by competent evidence and are not erroneous as a matter of law,” the 31-page ruling said.

Northern Pass officials “have not sustained their burden on appeal to show that the subcommittee’s order was unreasonable or unlawful,” wrote Associate Justice Anna Barbara Hantz Marconi.

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Northern Pass Not Good for New Hampshire

SOURCE: Foster’s Daily Democrat
AUTHOR: Raenya Morann

I am writing in opposition to the proposed Northern Pass. The Northern Pass will not be good for the New Hampshire economy or its people. It is not a long-term plan but a short-term solution. While I support the use of clean, renewable energies, I believe energy must come from a local source and not cause disruption to the environment and its people for it to be truly “clean”.

The Northern Pass will cause devastation to local wildlife and residents. According to a New Hampshire resident interviewed in ‘Negative Impacts of the Northern Pass Transmission Line’ (http://bit.do/northern-pass), The NP project plans to cut off existing roads to people’s homes and businesses forcing residents to abandon their homes and livelihoods.

According Northern Pass, LLC, they do not plan on using eminent domain to take peoples land but to purchase it. However this could change.

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One Year Later, Northern Pass Is Still a Bad Deal for New Hampshire

SOURCE: Concord Monitor
AUTHOR: Joe Kenney

One year ago, the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee rightfully and unanimously rejected Northern Pass, based on overwhelming evidence of negative impacts presented to it during a thorough and deliberative process.

I stated at the time that Northern Pass was a bad deal for New Hampshire, and I was pleased for my constituents and for our state that the project was defeated.

Yet a year later, we’re still talking about Northern Pass. Why? Because Northern Pass has appealed its defeat to our state Supreme Court, and while that appeal is pending, supporters of the project continue to work the halls in Concord and elsewhere trying to convince people that the SEC, and thousands upon thousands of Granite Staters, are wrong, and that Northern Pass is actually a good idea.

No. Northern Pass was as bad deal a year ago, and it is still a bad idea today.

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Ask About Northern Pass

SOURCE: Concord Monitor
AUTHOR: Taras Kucman

The upcoming election faces voters with a host of important issues they must weigh carefully before deciding whom to vote for. With passions high on a variety of issues, it is important for us not to forget about an issue that is important to so many here in the Granite State. I’m talking about the Northern Pass project, the project with enormous towers that serve no other purpose than to act as giant extension cord supports through the natural beauty of our state to benefit Massachusetts. When making an informed decision on how to cast your vote, it is important to remember that this project is still very much alive. Reach out to your candidates for state office and ask where they stand on Northern Pass.

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