Northern Pass Not Good for New Hampshire

SOURCE: Foster’s Daily Democrat
AUTHOR: Raenya Morann

I am writing in opposition to the proposed Northern Pass. The Northern Pass will not be good for the New Hampshire economy or its people. It is not a long-term plan but a short-term solution. While I support the use of clean, renewable energies, I believe energy must come from a local source and not cause disruption to the environment and its people for it to be truly “clean”.

The Northern Pass will cause devastation to local wildlife and residents. According to a New Hampshire resident interviewed in ‘Negative Impacts of the Northern Pass Transmission Line’ (, The NP project plans to cut off existing roads to people’s homes and businesses forcing residents to abandon their homes and livelihoods.

According Northern Pass, LLC, they do not plan on using eminent domain to take peoples land but to purchase it. However this could change.

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