One Year Later, Northern Pass Is Still a Bad Deal for New Hampshire

SOURCE: Concord Monitor
AUTHOR: Joe Kenney

One year ago, the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee rightfully and unanimously rejected Northern Pass, based on overwhelming evidence of negative impacts presented to it during a thorough and deliberative process.

I stated at the time that Northern Pass was a bad deal for New Hampshire, and I was pleased for my constituents and for our state that the project was defeated.

Yet a year later, we’re still talking about Northern Pass. Why? Because Northern Pass has appealed its defeat to our state Supreme Court, and while that appeal is pending, supporters of the project continue to work the halls in Concord and elsewhere trying to convince people that the SEC, and thousands upon thousands of Granite Staters, are wrong, and that Northern Pass is actually a good idea.

No. Northern Pass was as bad deal a year ago, and it is still a bad idea today.

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