Northern Pass Asks Court to Force Reconsideration of Transmission Project

SOURCE: New Hampshire Union Leader
AUTHOR: Michael Cousineau

Northern Pass submitted an appeal to the state Supreme Court on Friday in an effort to force a state committee to reconsider its rejection of the proposed $1.6 billion hydroelectric transmission line.

“If allowed to stand, the orders will erect major obstacles to the siting of new energy projects in this state, as the process becomes a popularity contest instead of one bound by the rule of law,” the 150-page appeal said.

The state Site Evaluation Committee unanimously rejected the project on Feb. 1, and on May 24 rejected requests to reconsider its decision and resume deliberations.

The 192-mile Northern Pass route, which includes 60 miles underground, would run from Pittsburg to Deerfield through more than 30 communities.

“It sure sounds like the last gasp of a dead project,” said project foe Jack Savage, vice president of communications and outreach with the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.

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