Don’t Take Information for Face Value Research the NP

SOURCE: The Berlin Daily Sun
AUTHOR: Rebecca W. S. More, Ph.D.

I am writing to encourage all citizens in New Hampshire to question, research and verify for themselves the many competing claims and opinions offered regarding the proposed Northern Pass Transmission project. You don’t have to rely on slick computer graphics or paid advertisements to review the actual facts supplied by the Northern Pass.

Fortunately, many of the claims and opinions can be investigated by any member of the public thanks to the internet. For example all the documents filed for consideration by the N.H. Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) may be viewed online: These include route maps showing where the project will cross through your community or how many above-ground towers are proposed. There are Visual Impact documents with “photo-simulations” intended to suggest what might be seen from a specific vantage point, and so forth. Note that all of these materials were commissioned and paid for by the Northern Pass company.

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