Tucker’s Turn: The Numbers on Northern Pass

The second video in a series on Northern Pass has been released! As you know, No to Northern Pass opposes the Northern Pass proposal to erect 1,500 new towers through 185 miles of New Hampshire’s landscapes and neighborhoods, impacting nearly 100,000 acres in the Granite state. If this unnecessary and harmful project is approved, the children in our communities will be living with the consequences for their entire lives.

We continue to work with the Conservation Media Group (CMG), a nonprofit group of filmmakers and conservationists, Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, and Appalachian Mountain Club, on this video series.

Please watch as 7-year-old Tucker and his father, Chris, highlight the impacts that the ill-conceived Northern Pass power transmission line project would have on neighborhoods across New Hampshire.

Then – if you haven’t already – join our surging petition effort urging opposition to Northern Pass. Tell Governor Maggie Hassan that you stand with her in saying NO to Northern Pass. And please share this video and ask your friends and family to make their voices heard by signing the petition as well.

Our goal is to reach 6,000 signatures by July 15. Video #1, Tucker’s Turn: Northern Pass, generated nearly half our goal, but we need YOU to help us reach out goal!