Zombie Talking Point on Northern Pass Climate Benefits Rises Again

SOURCE: Conservation Law Foundation Scoop
AUTHOR: Christophe Courchesne

With last month’s Northern Pass route announcement and last week’s filing of an amended application for a Presidential Permit, Northeast Utilities and PSNH have repackaged and repeated the very same arguments for the project that have filled air waves and op-ed pages throughout New England for nearly three years. We keep hearing the same sales pitch–cleaner air, a more reliable grid, economic prosperity, low-cost energy–with the same numbers: 5 million fewer tons of carbon pollution, 1,200 jobs, and millions in energy savings and tax revenue.

From a distance, the claims look real enough; on closer inspection, it becomes clear that they were born in a long-gone energy landscape and are aggressively deceptive. And they live not only in Northern Pass’ marketing materials, but in the disseminations of Northern Pass’ cadre of PSNH-aligned supporters, such as this recent op-ed by an avowed clean energy opponent who worked for a group that calls climate change “pseudo-science.”

CLF and others have been examining and debunking these talking points for a long time. But like zombies, they keep coming back. And there is perhaps no uglier member of Northern Pass’ living dead than the claim that Northern Pass will reduce carbon pollution by up to 5 million tons per year.

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