The Ugly Truths About Northern Pass Project

SOURCE: Concord Monitor
AUTHOR: Judy Reardon

You’ve probably heard a great deal about the proposed Northern Pass transmission project over the past several years. Much of what you’ve heard has been promoted by PSNH – the large out-of-state-owned corporate utility now known more benignly as Eversource – and its investors, who have spent countless tens of thousands of dollars trying to convince you that Northern Pass is a good deal for ratepayers and the environment.

They would like us to forget about the devastation to our land and communities caused by 192 miles of towers and transmission lines or the fact that it is designed to benefit Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island not New Hampshire, which already produces more electricity than it uses. And they really want us to forget about the negative impact this giant transmission line will have on our economy.

It’s time to focus on these ugly truths that Eversource would have us forget. And it’s not too late to stop this project in its tracks. In just a few weeks the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee hearings on whether to approve Northern Pass will begin.

Recently, Protect the Granite State, a grassroots organization with nearly 2,000 activists across the state who oppose Northern Pass, released a detailed study that critiques the economic impact analysis commissioned by Eversource to help justify the project.

Prepared by the highly regarded Analysis Group, this new report underscores how Eversource is utilizing flimsy assumptions and flawed methodology and is ignoring the negative impacts of Northern Pass. Additionally, the Eversource study hides from the public significant amounts of information. The author of the Analysis Group study, Dr. Sue Tierney, the former secretary of environmental affairs for Massachusetts, called the amount of information hidden from the public “highly unusual.”

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